Give the best Christmas gift to your loved ones this year

Christmas, a time for fun, indulgence, spending time with family and often, sadly a difficult time for those adjusting to life without loved ones.

Losing a treasured family member or friend can be hard enough to deal with, without the added complexities of sorting through financial arrangements and establishing if you have been adequately provided for.

By leaving a Will you can take some of the pressures off the shoulders of those left behind and can have the peace of mind that loved ones will be protected and that your assets will go to those who you want to benefit. If you don't make a Will, the intestacy laws of 1925 apply to your estate on death. In 2016 modern life and family arrangements are very different. If you do not leave a Will, there is a risk that your loved ones will miss out.

A Will allows you to protect young or vulnerable beneficiaries, to choose appropriate people to manage your affairs and to specify your funeral wishes. Making a Will is a simple, inexpensive process and gives you the certainty of knowing that arrangements are in place so that your wishes are followed. Whilst it may not be a conventional Christmas gift what better time to think about protection for family and loved ones?

At PRH Solicitors we have an experienced team not only legally trained but also trained by CRUSE Bereavement care. We recognise the need to offer clear practical advice and reassurance to those who find such matters daunting or upsetting.

We are here to help you make arrangements that are right for you.

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